Wood Opals

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Virgin Valley’s Wood Opals belong to the most unique Opals in the world. That drives us to the Valley every season. Our six years experience of mining and opals treatment shows us again and again, how beautiful Wood Opals can be.

We believe our opals have the brightest play of colors in the world. The combination with fossilized wood makes it even more unique. Perfect evidence what nature can do. A previous living tree or bush combined with silica that has been fused together.

The Wild Stick
The Royal Veins

We have many more pieces in variable sizes. Are you interested in buying? Please contact us for details and prices. Also check similar items on the link https://virginvalleypreciousopals.com/product/wood-opal/

An other kind of Opal that we find in Virgin Valley, is the common jet black opal. https://virginvalleypreciousopals.com/product/jet-black-wood-opal/

On Sale is this specimen link below. https://virginvalleypreciousopals.com/product/opal-limb-with-knots/


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