4.15 cts. Rolling Fire Pattern Opal (pre-polished)


This 4.15 cts. Rolling Fire pattern opal has very bright color play and stable.

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This 4.15 cts. Rolling Fire pattern Virgin Valley opal has very bright color play and is stable. It has been pre-cut/ pre-polished so we can show you how it is inside.

Precious opal shows a variable interplay of internal colors, and though it is a mineraloid, it has an internal structure. At microscopic scales, precious opal is composed of silica spheres some 150 to 300 nm in diameter in a hexagonal or cubic close-packed lattice. It was shown that these ordered silica spheres produce the internal colors by causing the interference and diffraction of light passing through the micro-structure of the opal.

Virgin Valley Opal jewelry is really creative and appeals to everyone’s fashion sense but if you cant find what you like you can always buy opals and take to a jeweler to make your own creation.

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