Wire Wrapped Jewelry

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Flower Pendant with Opal in the center

In the very beginning of our journey to the United States, gold mining was our first goal of our adventure that we had in mind. Then we started to join a rock club to hunt and learn different kinds of semi precious stones with the hope to get information where we could also mine gold. Instead we caught another interesting stone that we could mine for… yeah that was Opal. We found an opportunity to look for opal in Virgin Valley, Nevada. Ever since we hooked and nuts about Opals. Along with Opal mining, I learnt and improved my wire wrap technique. My goal was “one day, I am going to wire wrap those precious Opals we found”.

There was a wire wrapping and beading lesson that I participated in the rock club back then and before that I did watch and learn the very basic wire wrapping on #You Tube also from a book and magazine. If I look and compare my wire wrapping now and then. I’m glad, how it comes. On the picture above is the Flower Pendant that I wrapped with Opal in the center. The Opal is pure natural Opal from virgin valley that we found/mine by ourselves. The gold though still laying around some where need to be found, meanwhile we “found” our gold in the jewelry supplies stores and where else๐Ÿ˜Š

How to Wire Wrap

Very Basic Wire Wrap style

Basically you have to wrap and fix those undrilled stones with desired wire and on the top make a loop, so you can hang it as a pendant. If you think that the stone is a little loose or a bit waggy, just twist the wire with a plier, so it can hold the stone. It’s that simple!

This style of wire wrapping stone usually needs 3 to 4 base wires, it depends on how thick the stone you want it to wrap. Then you need some weaving wires that are usually thinner than the base wire. Next step is to wrap those base wires together at some points, so you can be able to pull, twist or manipulate the top and the bottom of the base wire to hold those undrilled stones. Bring both ends of base wire together, thigh to the top of the stone and wire it together. At this point you are ready to make a loop for the bail of your pendant. Trim the excess of wire, secure it with weaving wire or with base wire itself and done!

Next level of wire wrap Jewelry!
Be creative! It’s possible! It’s Endless!

And now is the time to sell it, isn’t it?
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Coming soon!

Working on these wire wrapped statement necklaces, 3 more stones to go!

See you next time, Happy Shopping! and thank you for stopping by!



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