Seasonal Journey

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It’s been tough for all of us, almost all year long now with this Covid Virus. We thought, first we were going to skip our journey to look for Opal this season. The Mine Board finally decided to open the Mine for Shareholders only without opening for public, fee digging and the new store that just opened last year.

New Bonanza Opals Shop

Pretty neat Store huh.. you guys can also find our Opals and Jewelries there during the Season, usually the Mine is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Since there are no many shareholder around, it was actually a very good isolation place during this pandemic. We dug in a Bank where we were pretty much separated from one to other, at least I did.

Geared up at Bank

no one else there but me and my ATV.. selfie time lol.. and don’t forget your sun/protector glasses!

Somehow we were glad that we have decided to go. It was a good season for us. I was scared with what is going to happen around me all this time. Being there and finding something that give us a hope for things that we dream of, makes me forget a little bit with what happens around the world lately.

so let’s forget the anxiety a little bit and enjoy the moment that makes me happy .. like.. this beautiful colored opal down below.

Opals Journey

Pure opal freshly dug out from a Bank

literally hard to find, but once you found will make you smile and screaming for joy
and sometime we found also something like this.. wood with no Opal at all.. interesting for picture though.. it looks like a squid head to me.. what do you think?

Wood Opal

although only Wood with Jet Black Opal, this one is huge you guys… and..
looong.. did not even stop right there ?

Anyway we made it forth and back safely and now my partner continue preparing some Wood opals for our costumer.

Wood Opals Cleaned up

A while back I mentioned that my partner working on some wood Opals…it “almost done” you guys.. a lot a lot of work. You can imaged all of those pieces were covered with lots of dirt…now they are clean and need to be polished.

Down below are before and after pictures as a very good example about how much work we talking about.. plus finding them .. feels like a champions in here lol..

Comparison Before and After

Rough wood opal

..After polished.

That’s all for now…. Thank you for stay tune and feel free to browser our website for something one of a kind that needs a new owner ?

I want to appreciate my partner for all his hard work, thank you so much! You can be proud to your self for all your excellent work!


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