Opal Mining

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There are several Opal mines in Virgin Valley, Nevada within the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge. A Beautiful place to visit, not only for enjoying the view and wildlife but also for mining Opal. Some mines offer digging in theTailing, while other mines offer digging in the bank/wall(Virgin ground) or go through a Load.

To do tailing

You only need a small rake and a small trowel. Those are the main tools for tailing, I would say. Then probably a pole pick in case you find a bigger chunk of dirt in the tailing pile. You need zipper bag in case you find an opal, gloves to protect your hands from dust and the heat of the sun, hat, etc.

To do digging in the bank/Wall/Virgin ground.

You need several tools. We personally use one hand and two hands picks. Both have a pointy side on one end and flat end on the other side. Then you need a big and a small rake, also an awl which is a very useful tool for fine work, as you can see in the video https://pin.it/4VHaHpO and then you probably need also a Shovel. All kind of protectors, for instance helmet, sun and eyes protection, working gloves, hard toe boots, etc.

Below are some Opals and other interesting things we dug out from the bank/wall/Virgin ground.


Wood, Mineralized Wood and Prints




To do a Load.

You probably need the same kind of tools as when you do Tailing. We personally never experienced doing load. But we definitely recommend you to call first where you want to dig, before you head out or visit their website.

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