Ancient Wood Opal Rescue

by | Jul 31, 2019 | Opal News | 0 comments

Following a short article, how to rescue ancient wood combined with precious Opal. It happens, that we are finding Wood that contains Opal in or around it. Some times it is very disintegrated, fibrous and very brittle.

Heavily disintegrated wood, just fibers left, 10 to 12 Millions years old
On the very right of the wood, you can see the whitish opal layer.

To rescue it, we need to stabilize it with lots of Super glue. For that we usually use #Starbond Brand super thin, but first it needs to be cleaned with a brush as good as possible. Once the glue is cured, after a few minutes, we proceed carefully with digging it out.

Cleaned and glued.
Rescued pieces!


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