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Hello Virgin Valley Precious Opals world!

Virgin Valley Precious Opals and Jewelry

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The Virgin Valley opal fields of Humboldt County in northern Nevada produce a wide variety of precious black, crystal, white, fire, and lemon opal.

The black fire opal is the official gemstone of Nevada. Most of the precious opal is partial wood replacement.

The precious opal is hosted and found within a subsurface horizon or zone of bentonite in place which is considered a “lode” deposit.

Virgin Valley Precious Opals and Jewelry

Opals which have weathered out of the in-place deposits are alluvial and considered placer deposits. Miocene-age opalised teeth, bones, fish, and a snake head have been found. Some of the opal has high water content and may desiccate and crack when dried.

The largest prod...

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