Woodopal’s Slab with fire | play of color


This is a woodopal’s slab, about 2 1/2 inches long and 1/2 inch thick. It has fire on one edge.

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Mining opal is sometimes almost like a gambling, many miners said. Besides experience and a trained eyes, it also requires luck. Especially if you found woodopal, because you never know what it looks like inside even when we find it looked so promising. When we find a woodopal, whether only with common opal or opal with fire (play of color) sticks on the wood, the next question is, do we also get lucky enough? to get  the opal inside the wood or from one end through to the other end. To minimize the risk of not knowing what is inside of a woodopal’s log, how about woodopal’s slab? That way you have a ready woodopal for any existing project you have in mind without extra massy cutting work.

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