Wood Opal “The Little Stone Henge”


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When I got this Wood Opal in my hand for further polishing after my partner sat it to the side for curing, my brain instantly told me “Stonehenge”. Then I’m like, ” huh, It looks like it, huh?”. Because of my curiosity, after we finished polishing it and ready to sell. I did a quick research on the internet to find out if any of those Stones at Stone Henge had the form of this wood opal. Check on this website guys…. on their banner picture, the very right stone on the image, the lonely one, almost on the corner of the image, kind of outsider one on that picture. What do you think guys? If you look at the wood part (back side) of this wood opal, it looks alike doesn’t it? And check this If you look at the frontĀ  side of this specimen (the side with opal on it). What do you think guys? Anyway This Wood Opal is beautiful, perfect for an unique specimen, a pendant or any other special project. It measurements about 1 inch 1/2 by 7/8 inch(4cm x 2.5cm) and 57.25ct (11.45 grams).


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